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Glass Road is the quickest of Uwe Rosenberg’s games. Or, at least, the quickest that I’ve played.

Rather than placing workers on a board, we are selecting cards that allow us to perform a variety of actions. The resource tracker in this game takes its lessons from Ora & Labora with a cool dial mechanic that really works well with the way that bricks and glass are produced. In many ways, it is an improvement over its predecessor in terms of physical design.

The order in which you play your cards is of vital importance in this game and it took me a couple rounds to really get the hang of it.

A tremendous amount of depth and fun squeezed into a relatively small game. All told, excluding setup, we were done in about 30 minutes.

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Devised to challenge mainstream
perceptions of museums and art galleries, Cabinet was an exhibition of works by 12 architects and designers who were given unprecedented access to the archives and collections of Plymouth City Museum. Our posters advertise the exhibition by embodying those misapprehensions for a striking and impactful campaign.

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Realising the Intangible: Protecting the Creative Process.

The concept is inspired by the physical process of seeing an idea take shape and form, from conception and development of something abstract to the final tangible product. Intellectual property law helps to protect creations of the mind by granting exclusive rights to intangible assets. Acapo helps those creators formulate, realize, protect, and sell their ideas, advising them every step of the way. With the same desire to visually bring abstract ideas to the tangible, the concept, in addition to a unique illustration style and color palette, uses photography and copy writing to bring Acapo’s services and products to a more visible human element.

CreativeDirector: Endre Berentzen
Senior Designer/Art Director: Eric Amaral Rohter
Manager/Consultant: Robert Dalen
Designer: Filipe Ferreira
Designer: Sindre Holm
Photography: Magne Sandnes

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I drew one of my favorite Pokemon, Leavanny, to de-stress after a busy week. I was thinking about if plant Pokemon changed with the seasons, so I did some colour swapping to see what it might look like. 



For those of you geeky/awesome enough to care, the much-hyped latest edition of D&D is officially out. Click here to download the basic rules for free to get started. If there aren’t any retailers near you carrying it, snag it from Amazon who are selling it mad cheap at the moment ($12.65 instead of $19.99).

Hit the jump for the official unboxing video.

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Cats and tea


Cats and tea

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Victoria in the new REIZ magazine #2.